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Are You Ready to QuantumLeap Your Results?

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If Your Websites Aren't Working For You
- They're Working Against You!!

Think about that for a minute. Which is happening to you right now? How many thousands of dollars are you losing out on that you aren't even aware of?

What is the goal of your website? What is the goal of your online presence? Most people out there doing websites are designers, not marketers, so the goal for them will be to make it look pretty, feel cool, not what will help convert traffic into sales.

It's the hidden secret in the industry because nobody asks them - when building my site, what direct marketing response triggers will you be using when you do the layout, color selection, branding, and navigation?

If you want to see a deer in the headlights - ask that question - the most important question to your marketing needs.

I have met so many people that have spent almost $20,000 on a website that does nothing, and spent thousands on branding, to get them a look that was never aimed at their target market - because it was never identified.

The reality is your online platform is your biggest marketing opportunity and your chance to reach millions.

Here Are Some Of The Success Strategies You'll Learn :

  • The Key Elements to Craft Your Message So The World Understands You
  • Define The Elements That Make Your Brand
  • Identify The Pieces You Need and How It All Works Together
  • Know What To Do, When To Do It, What To Say, Where
  • Get The Stuff You Hate Off Your Plate ™
  • Launch Your Site, Service, Product, Book or YOU
  • Make Money From The Stage, The Phone or 1 on 1
  • Leverage Mass Media To Make An Impact
  • Create a Cash Flow From Every Angle
  • Find the Best Traffic Methods For Your Business, Products And Services
  • How to Make As Much In a Weekend As You Do In a Year
  • Where to Be Seen Everywhere And Cash In On Your MOJO.
"The webinar - Plan Your 2014 Success Strategies That Make the Difference you just finished was beyond excellent - as per your usual. Love how you explain the steps so easily and the mto love it!, cash calendar system rocks and the BONUS elements at the end were awesome (I'd never put it together that way before - can't wait to get to it!) Without a doubt Tracy - I've learned more rom you in 3 months of VIP than I have in the last 5 years with every other coach, mentor or program I've invested in. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"Sam Rafoss, Calgary Alberta
"I just got off the webinar for Year End Planning with Tracy Repchuk, and within 30 minutes I sold a $3000 program from the inspiration and lessons she taught on it. You ROCK Tracy!!"MarBeth Dunn, Miami FL

Before you get your trainings let me ask you 2 questions

  • How long have you been waiting to finally get your website done, your social media understood, and making money from your websites (months? years?)
  • Do you ever wonder how many leads and tens of thousands of dollars you are losing every month that your online presence does not professionally match who you are?

The good news is you don’t have to wait months or years, you can do it in less than 72 hours.

You see, every day that your online branding and presence is not optimized your competition is laughing all the way to the bank.

Imagine spending 3 days with me and receiving a fully developed online marketing plan that you can use to reach millions with your message.

There is no substitute for working on your business, at a live event, with a trainer.

If You Are Struggling With...

  • Attracting New Clients
  • Closing Sales or Filling Business Events
  • Social Media and You Don't Know Why You're Spending Time and Money on It
  • Getting Local Online Traffic and Having Better SEO Results on Your Website
  • Wanting Better Profits and the Financial Freedom You Expected
  • Business is Slumping on a Downward Trend
  • Old Marketing Techniques Not Working Like They Use To
  • You Have a Business With No Brand Identity
  • You're Just Using a Personal/Corporate Site to Reach Your Audience
  • You Can't See What Your Next Step is to Expand Your Results
  • You Need a Hands-On, Step-by-Step Action Plan to Keep You Moving Forward

This Event is For YOU!

This is why I am shutting my office doors and spending 3 days with you so you come away with a complete "blueprint" for your site. Everything you need to take your new or improved website to the world.

In this One Time Only Offer - I’m allowing you to get both systems for only $147

You’ll get in addition to your trainings, 3 days of live training where I can personally teach you the above, and we can talk directly about your business.

That’s a SAVINGS of $500 RIGHT NOW.

You and your business needs some honest answers, and I’ll be giving them.

Create Automated Streams of Income and Recurring Riches for Life Doing What You Love to Do and Making a Difference in the World at the Same Time.

Day 1 - Being Brand You

Our first day together is about setting the foundation so you can communicate effectively, look as good online as you do off, and create a community of raving fans fast!

Day 2 - Online Strategy

We are heading out to the internet and will look at random websites as I show you what you need to be looking for, how to design your site to appeal to your target market and then you will learn how to effectively use copywriting, headlines and keywords on your sites, posts.

Day 3 - Attract Customers

Today is about reaching millions with your message. Last year alone I impacted 20,000,000 people and I'll reveal exactly how you can do that with a 4 step approach including how to become a bestselling author and the most effective traffic strategies.

PS - Your ticket doesn’t expire. You can use it for any event. The next event is Oct. 15-17th in Hollywood, California.

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